Did some book-signing at Seattle Barnes & Noble and Border’s. It’s all about those stickers!

I hope that is how the saying goes…

Pike Place Market flowers–picked ’em up my first morning there

I went to Seattle for the Plush You! show, despite not feeling fantastic once again (9-day streak grrrr), but you know what? I got better while there. Who would have thought…maybe it’s because I hung out at Cakespy and made Jessie’s Awesome Overload: 50 moments from the Sweetest Week ever. Or from all the cupcakes, coffees, cinnamon rolls I had. Or the visit to the breathtaking Arboretum?

While in Seattle I putzed around Chinatown and had a Proust-madeleine moment when I got red bean cakes, i.e. I started thinking about New York and missing it. Anyway, I went to Kinokuniya, one of my favorite “chain stores” and where Witch Craft is being carried (!). I had to see for myself, and lo and behold, there it was! Woooooow. This nearby group of people started talking to me (what? you’ve never seen a book author take a picture of a smiling crochet safety cone in front of the book, which *it* has nothing to do with?!) and decided to buy the book in about .3 seconds purely because I was there. And I signed their copy. Witch Craft FTW!

After a brutal red-eye (my first, I was curious, never again), I safely landed back in the ‘burgh where I slept off the turbulence, hours of screaming children and general blitzed feeling. And then, Pittsburgh Craft Collective and I Made It! helped throw me a Witch Craft happy hour. Recap is here. The sweet Tin Front Cafe in Homestead made this ridiculously awesome Halloween menu and there was some serious vampire bite necklace and marshmallow skull crafting going on. Speaking of Pittsburgh, I did this little virtual Q&A with the “Books N’ At” blog, which combines Pittsburgh and books, of course!

I had no recollection until seeing this picture that I was ever a Crayola crayon box for Halloween. None!

Moving on east a little, Geekadelphia has a book giveaway, but you must comment with your favorite Halloween tradition! Oh my, I have so many, not that I’m eligible (ha): bar-graphing Halloween candy types with my sister (NERDS!), going pattern-shopping for costumes, getting my special birthday Halloween cookies every year (more on this later), and since living in NYC, going to my *favorite* event in the entire world.

Lastly, let’s get crafty, shall we? The Chicago-based girl who blogs at such a book nerd not only decided to review Witch Craft, she decided to have an all-out crafty day with friends to try out some of the crafts because, “After all, craft books aren’t like novels. There’s no underlying meaning to be debated within their pages. They’re instruction books, and to see if they’re any good, they need to be tested.” This post is a great read and I love the “kudos” at the end to Margaret and me. 🙂