The weekend started off ambitiously with me awakening on Saturday morning at 6am, after a night of working. Hooray, I thought, I will get so much done on my do-nothing weekend! Craft projects, cookie recipes and novels floated around in my mind. As I put the coffee on, I remembered that I had forgotten to take my garbage down to the curb. (Remember that the purpose of this weekend was minimal leaving the house and being selfish by focusing on ME).

Well, it had rained overnight and still wearing flip flops…can you see where this story is going? Um, I fell down the steps outside. 🙁 Letting out the girliest scream at 6:30am, I did the whole “buhm buhm buhm” down the steps, hitting each one. Sitting at the bottom in shock, still clutching my bag of garbage, I could feel various parts of my body start to thump and throb. Owwwie.

Because I am me, I immediately think, “What does this mean??? Is this punishment for wanting to shun everyone? Am I too selfish? Is this punishment for leaving the house? Is this a bad omen and should I throw out the whole weekend plan?” Lying down and alternately applying ice packs to 5 bruising spots I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, it would be really nice if someone were here.” I decided to let the weekend unfold without sticking to what I arbitrarily planned. This amounted to:

-reading the December Martha Stewart Living cover to cover (wowzers such beautiful stuff!)
-making new crochet items (see below) and new soaps
-watching a nail-biter of a football game
-sewing repairs
-a lot of unfinished work from the week
-making exceptions for 3 people, i.e., hanging out with 3 different people, 3 separate times
-watching one Godard film
-cooking a farmer’s market meal and baking

It turned out to be a really great weekend, despite getting off on the wrong foot (pun!). For all my to-do lists and ambitious ideas, I would so much rather face a plan-less day and be surprised at the turn-out, even if this does involve tumbling down the stairs with the garbage–I did get a lot of good thinking out of it! Sometimes a failed plan is the best plan of all.

Something else I got out of it was quality time with Safety Cone, contemplating his winter wear (it’s important!). Tired of feeling so Halloweeny with his perpetual orange “outfit,” he was determined to add a little holiday pizzazz! So, I made him a Santa Claus Hat! You can buy the Santa Claus Safety Cone OR you can crochet him yourself! The Safety Cone pattern is here and the Santa Claus hat pattern is after the jump. Also, check him out in an ear flap hat, of which he is really happy about, despite not having ears. “Mommy Alicia, style, not function.” Excusez-moi, Snow-Proof Safety Cone!


G hook
red acrylic worsted weight yarn (like Red Heart)
white/off-white boucle yarn
tapestry needle


With red yarn, ch 11 and join. (do not ch 1 and no joining after this round).
Sc for 1 round.
Sc, making 2 decreases in this round, one in the middle and one at end.
Sc for 1 round.
Sc, making 1 decrease in the middle.
Sc for 1 round.
Sc, making 1 decrease at the end.
Sc for 1 round.
Sc, making 1 decrease in the middle.
Decrease, sc, decrease, sc, decrease and join. Finish off.

With boucle yarn, join along the opening (bottom) of the hat. Make 2 sc in each free loop around. Finish off, but leave an 8-inch tail. With tapestry needle, tack down the boucle yarn to hat.

With boucle yarn again, join along the top of the hat. This part is a little free-form: make multiple sc in the few stitches left up there and keep going around until you can’t see red sticking out on the top and it starts to resemble a little ball. Finish off leaving a long tail again and sew down with the tapestry needle to form it a bit more.

Bend the hat to give it the curve. Or you could even sew it down a little to give it a permanent bending look.