Guidespot unveiled a new site design, new features and the also brand spankin’ new Community Guides this week, concurrent with the Democratic National Convention happening across the street from Guidespot headquarters. Exciting stuff! What are these community guides I speak of?

Well, as one of Guidespot’s special chosen ones to help get these off the ground, I will explain it to you! Basically, community guides are collaborative guides; normally, I, Alicia, would write a guide all by myself (cue Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women”) and that’s that. The community could comment, of course, but the guide is my own. Community guides are about sharing the love that we’ll build together! (FYI, my ears sort of perk up at the very mention of the word “community”). I started one on Football in New York, so I wrote a little blurb, you add an image, I find a video, you share a link, and so on. There are some great ones already on Internet memes, cutest Flickr animals, celebrity sightings near the DNC, and –insert your community guide idea here–. Get it? We’re all guide co-creators.

After writing my Domestic Goddess guide, I got to thinking about other women I admire, am intrigued by, or let’s face it, because I am a working gal, would make for good guide-writing material. (Boys, I’ll get to you, okay? Come on, I went to Smith! ) Thus far, I’ve come up with Holly Golightly! (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone?) And proceeded to write a guide to New York with Holly Golightly in mind. I’m quite proud of those two in particular, even though they center on women who have two very different ideas of adventure. As you may recall, the one time Holly cooks in the movie–chicken with saffron rice–she totally messes it up. (!!!) Come to think of it though, Nigella would have probably laughed that off the way Holly did. No matter! Life is funny, shake it off, on to the next thing. I hope to embody the qualities of both, the one “real” and the other fictional.

But, enough about the ladies and me! Please do visit Guidespot: check us out, comment, write a guide, explore. It’s more fun when you come and play with us in the dark depths of the internet. 🙂