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Crafts and Crumbs took a long hiatus for health reasons–mine, not theirs–but it’s back in full swing. Eventually, I will update the Crafts and Crumbs site with more information, such as the pamphlet I give to all C&Cers. Basically, it is a group I started for my (girl)friends and myself. I went to all-women’s highschool and college, and even though I have a lot of girlfriends here in New York and elsewhere, I miss the comraderie I experienced at both. Obviously at college, it was amplified by living, eating, working (mostly), and studying with girls. Regardless of my views, or yours, on single-sex education, there is something really comfortable, engaging, and therapeutic about interacting with a group of women. (No offence to the boys–I do live with one–and boys came to this past C&C). Post-college, I found myself spending time with one or maybe two girlfriends at a given time, or more likely, a group of boys and girls together. Sometimes I threw parties or bbqs, or met up with a group at bars, but there was something missing from this.

My sister, Lianna, and I often had “stitchery time” at my house or hers in Brooklyn. Just the two of us, with an occasional friend of mine. It was really relaxing, yet stimulating, to work on our cross-stitch, as we sometimes chatted and always ate, interspersed with silence where each of us continued to stitch. It was the perfect combination of “group work” and “individual work.” I began to realize that a lot of my friends knew some form of craft, be it knitting, crochet, sewing, etc. and who doesn’t like to snack and talk while doing it? Alas, Crafts and Crumbs was born. (Not to be confused with proverbial Stitch n’ B—-, a name and purpose to which I am not partial).

Yesterday, ten of us gathered at my house in the late afternoon. The menu consisted of the following, made by yours truly: gingersnaps (pictured above), cowboy cookies (pictured above), black bean dip, guacamole, and my homemade citrusade. About half of the people brought food as well, so we were well-supplied. It was great to meet some newbies, friends of friends, who will hopefully become regulars. Here are a few pics:

Nancy and Sarah img_0981.jpg img_0983.jpg Sahadeva

This is the first C&C where I remembered to not only get out my camera but to take pictures too! That last photo was taken by Ian, when he and Sahadeva went looking for the lunar eclipse. Sadly, they couldn’t see it, but C&C became single-sex again for a half hour, and someone pointed out how noticeably different it felt, even though the two token males had been off to the side most of the time. My goal is to get a picture of every person present as well as what they are working on at the moment. I only photographed a joint-project of Ian’s and mine: photo coasters! The kit was a Christmas present, but I only recently had some of my Chihuly pictures printed. I would really like to find a way to assemble the simple kit contents for Photojojo.

img_1034.jpg img_1035.jpg

In additon to eating and talking, almost everybody else either knitted or crocheted. Crochet has been my craft of choice lately, after eyeing lots of round yarn things, and hearing “It’s so much faster than knitting!” too many times to ignore. I taught some crochet basics to 4 or 5 people, which is actually very difficult and tested my dormant teaching skills. Learning a craft, or any skill really, is easier when it’s one-on-one in my opinion, especially where you have to constantly listen AND watch, then do, the motions all at the same time. Am I going too slow, too fast, not making sense at all? My mom taught me a few crochet stitches a couple of years ago, and I tried to learn last fall but got too frustrated. Finally, she bought me a Teach Yourself Visually book, and I actually was able to! That was only two months ago, so my assumption that learning how to <insert craft> from a book is difficult, stupid, or impossible was proven wrong.