Yesterday, I finally finished my Pac-man iPod cozy design! I have made quite a few cozies that I sell on Etsy, mostly crocheted but a few knitted. A week or two ago, I decided to try my hand at designing the yellow pac-man motif, since I knew how to make circles from various other crochet items. It isn’t as simple, obviously, as drawing a circle and cutting out a wedge, so it took me 4-5 tries to get it right. I used the same iPod cozy pattern, which I designed as well and usually utilize, and added some beads for the dots that Pac-man eats. I listed him on Etsy yesterday and he sold today! I have already relisted him, so you can purchase here.

A close-up of the little guy:

I can’t remember when or where I first played the (Ms.) Pac-man game, but I do remember getting excited when stumbling upon it at a highway rest stop/travel plaza, at the mall, and now in New York, in a bar every once and a while. At JFK airport, there is a food court in one of the terminals that has 3 or 4 Pac-man arcade games! An airplane delay was never so enjoyable.

In addition to making a one-of-a-kind Pac-man iPod cozy, I also have a one-of-a-kind Pac-man story. Once upon a time in college, I was watching MTV and a show came on about video game enthusiasts. Next thing I know, I’m learning about Billy Mitchell, a pac-man world champion and champion of other video games. Interestingly, he is from Holyoke, MA, which is very close to where I was in college at the time, but his town of residence at that time was Hollywood, FL. Coincidentally, I had just planned a road trip for my friends and me to Fort Lauderdale, where my aunt resides. A quick mapquest search showed that Hollywood was a mere town away. Fate? Definitely.

Mitchell not only sports a mullet and an American flag tie, but owns his family’s restaurant called Rickey’s and created his own brand of hot sauce. For me, it doesn’t get much better than that! Except visiting said restaurant, that is. A lunch or dinner there would be a must. We found the place with my printed directions, and immediately noticed a window-less restaurant standing before us. Only the best bars and restaurants opt for windowless venues, right? I was very nervous because I knew there was a good chance he would actually be at the restaurant, since the MTV show said that he managed the place and frequently checked on patrons. And he was! I contemplated asking for an autograph, or at least striking up a conversation. Before I did that, something went horribly wrong though.

I had ordered a burger, though my memory is fuzzy from the trauma that soon follows. Ever shake a glass ketchup bottle when the cap is not properly on? Don’t. It’s a disaster you don’t want to experience! Unfortunately, I did. Ketchup went EVERYWHERE, hitting my friends, and the people in the booth in front of ours. I didn’t have the guts to let them know. I got the worst of it, with a good bit of ketchup in my hair and all over my WHITE shirt. I laughed before I knew I was a human french fry doused in it, then ran to the bathroom, trying to cover it up (right!). I washed my hair in the sink as best I could, but since it wasn’t a single-occupancy bathroom, I couldn’t take my shirt off and wash it. Being a white shirt, this wouldn’t have made things much better anyway. And being Florida, I did not have a jacket. I spot-washed as best I could, turned it inside-out and backwards, and went back to our booth. Feeling a bit embarrassed (yeah, you think?!?), I decided to skip playing the Ms. Pac-man game there, and definitely decided to skip talking to Billy. That ends my pseudo-encounter with a Ms. Pac-man World Champion.