I’m about two hours away from starting my trip to the Outer Banks (North Carolina) via airplane then car. It figures that days before I leave I get various design/craft offers and I have to scramble to get everything organized! It’s exciting, and other than a bbq Saturday night and a bike ride in the heat and humidity last night, it was a working weekend from 8am to 1am for the past three days. I guess it worked out well that Ian left on Friday, as I had to focus on my own things. It kept me distracted while missing him, now that I’m so used to living with someone.


I had a special request for the peas in a pod that I wrote about here previously. The buyer wanted three peas, not attached to the pod, and a darker green pod. I think it turned out really well!

Additionally, a store in London called Superette contacted me last week about my crochet foods: I’m making strawberry ice cream cones and strawberries (that I just designed for them!) for a really cool picnic store window, as well as for the store to purchase. My crochet foods are going to London!!!!


If that’s not exciting enough (!), my crochet baseball beer cozy is en route to San Francisco and is going to be on TV!!!! I entered it into the Stitch n’ Pitch contest, which is still being judged, and the blog writer/associate editor of CRAFT is appearing on a show called The View from the Bay to talk about Stitch n’ Pitch, as well as the contest, and some of the entries will be displayed. You can watch it online the following day!

It has been a busy last few days, and I have to take a lot of “work” with me to the beach because the London store deadline is July 27, which is quite soon when you take into account shipping time. But, luckily crochet is never really “work” for me and hopefully I will make progress as I wait at the airport and sit in the car for 4 hours.

I’m not sure which of these were more fun to make/grow from scratch:


(From our Brooklyn apt windowboxes)