I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the most gratifying parts of my writing and crafting (with a few exceptions!) is receiving feedback from the readers and customers, respectively. Out of nowhere, an email or comment utterly floors me with its heartfelt sincerity, and my occasionally uncertain and perplexed thought bubble that contains the words “Is this really worth doing?” gets answered with a resounding “Yes!”

I received this email the other day from a guy at Oxford, in response to the hospital post and the pomegranate post, and as you will see, it was definitely an uplifting one:

Dear Alicia,

I came across your site rather randomly (looking for a crochet pattern for a pomegranate – me and my ex-girlfriend have a bizarre, almost dadaist in-joke about pomegranates and how you turn into one if you let work overwhelm you: and yes, I’m a guy who likes crocheting, which makes me a minority of one, I suppose), and ended up reading your blog post about your ex-boyfriend’s hospitalisation. It was, I have to say, probably the best piece of writing I came across in a long while, and strangely, it so reflected my relationship with the aforementioned ex-girlfriend – maybe with the sole exception that so far, fortunately and knock on wood, it’s largely been me who needed her help rather than vice versa. So if being ’emergency buddies’ with an ex-partner is weird (which both of us were, and are, repeatedly told it is!), at least we all now know we’re not alone.

Thanks for the beautiful writing. Keep it up, and best wishes to both of you