Superette is the store in London where my own crochet wares are currently living! They have a site called Lady Luck Rules OK, where they sell a lot of crafty and cute items, blog about upcoming events and news, etc. The girls at Superette just redid the entire store, closing shop for a while and re-opening last week with a spectacular party (freebies! cupcakes! sausage safari!). Here are some pictures from Superette’s blog; read the entry too!

Hey, who’s that there on the right?

What’s that in the middle there?

Could that be my punnet of smiling strawberries???

A few of us who handcrafted items for the storefront window.

It’s almost surreal to see my very own handmade creations in an actual store, in London no less! I was told that 3 of my ice cream cones sold during the re-opening party, so I’m busy making more to send off!