Do you know about Safety Cone Adventures? What about Park(ing) Day? Well, if not, you soon will. Below is an email I sent to friends about the converging of these two endeavors:

I rarely mass-email, but Safety Cone is an exception to many rules, so here goes. If you keep up with my crafty-head-self at all, you’re probably familiar with the lovable and huggable [Snow-Proof] Safety Cone, a precious little crochet friend who frequently accompanies me on outings, and fuels photo-taking and story-writing in the process. If you are not familiar (what?!), I will put some links at the bottom in case you are interested in one creative piece of my piecemeal way of making a “living” in the Big Apple.

Anyway! I am participating in the upcoming Parking Day, “an international event that reclaims parking spots and transforms them into engaging, people-friendly spaces for one day a year.” In the past, people have held picnics, played music, made origami art installations, created meditation gardens and filled with bean bag chairs. I have decided to go the Safety Cone Adventures route (!), as he is quite engaging AND people-friendly if I do say so myself. You can read my pertinent Parking Day planny plan here. (Sneak preview: there will be Safety Cone cookies because I couldn’t resist buying a $13 HANDMADE cookie cutter from a biz in Kansas!)

There’s even a Safety Cone Adventures website, which is just an image of a patient but eager traveling Safety Cone right now, but will grow to be much more (I think, I hope, I want). Okay, why am I writing?! Well, because I want you to visit me/us in our parking space. Park(ing) Day is Friday, September 18th from approximately 9am-7pm. It will be somewhere on my block, West Broadway near White Street, in Tribeca.

If you have additional time and wherewithal, I’d love for you to participate/help in some way. Like, if you want to help me make cookies, take part in a covert sign/flyer-making and -hanging adventure to whet the appetite of fellow NYers, take photos or videos with crochet Safety Cones+construction workers, help DESIGN the website (coding and general graphics covered), come up with relevant games, or let me know how I can get my hands on some real rubber Safety Cones (or come with me as I try to ask to borrow some from businesses with Snow-Proof in tow. I’m working on a “speech”). Or maybe you have an idea of your own? I would love your input.

So, get back to me about any of the above!

If you know how to crochet, you can make one of your own: Safety Cones (Or just read about how he came about) You can see a TON of photo-story combos here: Safety Cone Adventures


Alicia + <]


Are you excited yet? If you are in New York, come by! In the mean time, Safety Cone and I have to get to work. Click below if you want to read my “official” Parking Day plan (subject to changes when I, um, run out of time/emerge from quixotic land).


My Safety Cone Adventures Parking Day plan:

Safety Cones are ubiquitous in New York and serve various purposes: to divert traffic, to warn people of potholes, caved-in asphalt, uneven sidewalks or slippery floors and to block off streets due to television/movie filming, just to name a few.They even block off areas where you are not allowed to park–just like on Park(ing) Day! Sometimes they are seen doing sillier things, like holding doors or sitting on top of cars (spotted in Tribeca!) Other times there are a bunch of them clumped together, also known as a not-covert Safety Cone party. I happen to crochet Safety Cones with smiley faces, and one in particular wears an ear-flaps hat and goes on Safety Cone Adventures, where he tries to have fun, all the while being safe and protecting others as much as little crochet Safety Cone can. Some of his adventures are documented here: They include: investigating cheese curds, going down slides, reading Leo Lionni books, biking to Cone[y] Island and traveling to a “Build It!” exhibit at a Connecticut children’s museum. For our park, we will have “real life” Safety Cones (the orange rubbery ones) as well as crochet ones hanging out, homemade Safety Cone-shaped cookies and Safety Cone-orange punch. We will offer up free crochet lessons all day to anyone interested in learning this craft, and each lesson will be centered on making a little crochet Safety Cone of your own. For those looking for a quicker Safety Cone craft, there will be some Safety Cone fabric cutting and paper-folding/origami…and whatever else we can think of! Additionally, there will be a Tribeca Scavenger Hunt, possible to-look-for items being a gazebo, a footbridge, a compass embedded in the sidewalk and some photo bonuses such as, “take a digital picture of as many Safety Cones grouped together as you can find.” The prizes? Crochet Safety Cones of course! And Safety Cone prints and stickers. Lastly, we will have a photobooth-style backdrop for photo opportunities with your handmade Safety Cones. The fun will continue post-Parking Day when we upload all the photos taken, including Scavenger Hunt finds to a Flickr set.