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Although we fell in love with this Brooklyn apartment the same day we almost signed a lease for a different apartment, we did NOT love the colors. Or lack thereof. Both the walls and carpets screamed “blah!” Luckily, I love to paint and had some experience from the last Park Slope apartment. Also luckily, I learned an important lesson from painting that bedroom: leave the windows opened over night after painting! Even if the day warrants AC! I woke up that morning and could hardly breathe my lungs hurt so much. I think I even took off of work. It took me at least half the day before the lightbulb went on. I inhaled paint fumes for 8 hours! Ah the day I almost died from painting…

Because that bedroom was a light blue/purple (periwinkle?), with dark blue/purple on the moulding, we decided we wouldn’t do blue or purple again. Plus, the bathroom attached to our bedroom had about 5 shades of blue going on already. I read up on color schemes and painting advice, online and at Lowe’s. One particularly smart rule was that if you don’t see a lot of a certain color in your wardrobe, you probably won’t like it on your walls for very long. Red and yellow were out for this reason, orange was a little too bright, especially with the amount of sunlight we get. So, we decided on green. When I originally picked out paint strips, I saw an example of a striped wall and felt like I was up to that challenge. I chose the colors for the stripes, with Ian’s approval, and we proceeded. In addition, the kitchen screamed “blah!” too, so I chose a two shades of salmon. (I always loved that Crayola crayon).

I must say that I almost perished painting the kitchen because it was in the nineties that day, and although I had the one window open, that doesn’t really give much ventilation in a really tiny kitchen. I did a lot of painting in a camisole and underwear to avoid fainting. Here is a little before and after, from different angles:
ournewapt-008.jpg kitchen-002.jpg

A few pictures of the green bedroom, before and after.

ournewapt-016.jpg apartment-005.jpg apartment-004.jpg

And now for the striped office nook wall! Ian used tape to draw the lines, which we wanted to be of not uniform widths. I have no patience for tape, as I learned from the last apartment, so I free-handed this. Yes, that’s right, I painted relatively straight lines and loved it. Somehow, I had patience for that.

ournewapt-015.jpg apartment-011.jpg apartment-030.jpg