I have rarely been one to play tricks on others come April Fools’ Day, though I have fallen for many to date! Nevertheless, it seems like an appropriate day to share some silliness via childhood memories.

When my sister and I were little, we fought over the little black hook in the above picture. It’s for hanging dry-cleaning on one of those handles at the top of a window inside a car. Well, I don’t think I’d ever been to a dry-cleaners with my family, but for some reason we had it. Since there was only one little hook, each one of us would move it back and forth to our respective sides. We called it “The Olive,” because it is roughly the same size as one, shiny, and black. Why didn’t we call it an “S” I now wonder? (But really, is there an actual name for these?)

At some point, The Olive moved on from the car (perhaps when that Mazda was covered in duct tape and finally kicked the bucket?) and into the house. The new game was much more complex: hide The Olive anywhere in your room, and when the other finds it, it’s her turn to do the same thing. (Man, remember when you used to play like this???) Sometimes it took hours, sometimes months to find it, but back and forth the game went to the tune of “I’ve got The Olive! I’ve got The Olive!” Until one day, I hid it and my sister couldn’t find it, and eventually, even I forgot where it was.

…ten years later (seriously!), I *just* found it! It was in my room, meaning that I was the last to hide it, but I have little recollection of the hiding place. I was cleaning out my room and noticed some containers of Play-Doh on a book shelf (yay!). I opened one and touched the top of it: yikes stripes, getting a little dried out! I began the motion of tossing the blue one out, when for whatever reason I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if this one is soft on the bottom.” Alas! The Olive was stuck into the bottom of the Play-Doh! My heart leapt, but only because for a split-second I thought it was a worm of some sort! Then the little memento registered in my head, and I ran down the stairs screaming to tell my parents! (I only wish it had happened a few days before when my sister was home as well!)

My sister and I have yet to decide how to proceed next: I hid it and also found it, so whose turn is it next? Regardless, good memories!