Bachelard, the French philosopher and Sorbonne professor known for his constructivist epistemology and history of science studies (are you excited yet?) once started a lecture with the following:

“On your way here, did you look only straight ahead of you, or did you look up at the sky, and at the left of you, and at the right, and behind you?”*

In general, do I? I think so. Do you? I hope so. The above quote is like the question version of that “the journey is the destination” saying, even if that destination is a an eye-opening philosophical lecture by Bachelard. I found this leaf on an expansive church lawn, covered with leaves and pine cones, here in North Carolina. Some wear and tear around the edges, brown with age, but in tact and unbroken.


(Note to self: this would be fun(ny) to illustrate using his Non-Euclidean geometry meets Euclidean geometry ideas and all that parallel postulate goodness that I fell in love with in high school; could make a really brilliant and nerdy art piece).