…it would surely be this one! Why, you ask? This “dot pattern” that I frequently use in crochet projects reminds me of granny squares and afghans.


I have found some amazing granny square patterns and even have some ideas for my own, which I’m eager to turn into some sort of hand bag or belt. But for right now, here is the tutorial for a very simple coffee cozy. Bring it with you if you’re on a coffee run (mmm cafe au lait, anyone?). It can also be a cuff/bracelet if it’s made shorter, so I’ll indicate how to do that as well, because it looks pretty cool on my wrist.

I made a few iPod cozies, a regular-sized one:


A Nano, commissioned by my sister’s boyfriend:


And, my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-inspired iPod cozy, which someone bought on Etsy within days. She was giving it to an old chain-smoking woman for her cigarette pack. Interesting…


You will need:
2 colors of yarn
G hook

Click below!

The general pattern calls for a number of chains divisible by 3, plus 1. For the cozy, you will need to chain 27+1 or 30+1, depending on your yarn. (For a cuff, ch 24+1 and follow the directions). To keep things understandable, I’m going to refer to the black here as A and the red/pink as B.

Beginning with A, ch 28, ch 1 turn.


Sc into 2nd ch from hook, *ch 2, skip 2ch, sc into next ch. Repeat from * to the end.



For the sake of taking pictures of the step, I didn’t join the two sides and work in the round. You can do that now, or just work the rows back and forth and join at the very end.

Join with color B and do not cut A (just leave it hanging!).


With B, ch 4. *Make 3 dc into the first 2ch space, ch1. Repeat from * to the end, making 1 dc into the last sc.



Now, you will have the A color on one side and the B on another. Place a stitch holder or just pull a lot of yarn through, and leave B there. Return to A, and pull through from the back under the 4ch space.


Ch 1. *Ch 2, sc into 1ch space and repeat from * to the end, drawing up yarn B.


Repeat the directions above in bold until you have 4 rows of yarn A and 3 rows of yarn B.


If not worked in the round, join two ends by sc the wrong sides together.


A cozy for your grandma! Or yourself, or whoever!