At first, I was going to write a tutorial on these head scarves (like bandanas) that I’m sewing, but it has taken so long to take pictures of half the process, so that’s for another time.

When I was born, I had maroon hair that looked purple in a certain light. My mom was quite frightened, as her hope for that pregnancy was anything but a redhead freckled-face boy. Well, she got a redhead girl with not too many freckles. A lot of my friends don’t believe that I was really a redhead because my hair is so much lighter now. Or they think I might dye my hair. Well, here is a picture of chubster me around 1 year old (with my favorite little guy, Ernie, in the background):


I used to ask my hairdresser in Pittsburgh, every time I had an appointment, what color my hair was, according to that big hair palette they have. Sometimes it changed. And in college, I had a few friends say that I had a “hair identity crisis.” Does that happen to other people? I used to hate having red hair, but now that is has been “gone” for over ten years, I miss it. Over the years though, I have become happy with my hair color, since a lot of people comment on it and I have more than a few stories about being in non-U.S. countries and people asking me how I get my hair to look like this. If you grab a clump of my hair, there are at least 5 different colors, one of which is still a fiery orange, and one that is so red it’s almost black.

Here are a few more (I rest my case):