Although those two things seemingly go together, I didn’t make my citrus-ade for the barbecue we held in Prospect Park yesterday. But, I wrote out the recipe to my citrus-ade when I submitted it to the website, Instructables. To reiterate (or just to iterate, rather), citrus-ade is like lemonade, but better! It is made from grapefruit, lemon, and lime. I started making it a summer or two together, because I had found a recipe for limeade. The grapefruit takes it one step further; here is the recipe:

2 cups juice from citrus fruit (1 pink grapefruit, 3 lemons, 3 limes)
1 cup sugar
5 2/3 cup water

Grab a buddy and get squeezin’! The juice from one pink grapefruit usually yields 1 cup juice. Depending on the size of the lemons and limes, it will take approximately 3 of each to yield another cup. (This may vary). I measure out the sugar first and pour into the pitcher. Otherwise, if you measure out the juice first, the sugar will stick to the measuring cup. I like my lemonade and citrus-ade a little tart, so I usually add slightly less sugar than this. You could start out only adding about 2/3 cup and go from there. Add juice and water, and stir. This will come almost to the top of a regular sized pitcher, so stir carefully.

How can you dress up the citrus-ade? Add a shaker of gin, fill the glass with 2/3 citrus-ade, and fill the rest with club soda/seltzer. A slight variation on a drink called “English Water.” Drink up!

Marla and I organized our first barbecue in Prospect Park this weekend and it was fantastic! The barbecue/picnic table area is only a 15-20 minute walk from where Ian and I live, or a 10 minute bikeride. It was a little cloudy and windy at first, but a lot of people came out and we were really organized with supplies and food. Unlike most cities, New York forces a lot of people do do things without the aid of a car. Marla, Grant, and I biked a lot of stuff to the park; they came from much further, and with a lot more supplies, and I ended up making two trips. Even though I no longer have the porch and barbecue possibilities of living at 297 6th Street, it’s nice to know we can adopt Prospect Park as our backyard.


I posted a lot more pictures on my flickr site.