img_5594.jpgNot only were the holidays really wonderful this year, but I (more or less) stuck to the Buy Handmade pledge in my gift-giving.  I even had time to make a few gifts myself for people, like this scarf, and I contributed many of my owl soaps w/mini scarves .   il_430xn15294385.jpgI bought this adorable “miss you” card for Ian from CathieU…  il_430xn16046975.jpg as well as a DIY Felting kit from Mary Jane’s Attic…      il_430xn15670692.jpg and a few scrabble tile pendants from littleputbooks.   img_5555.jpgI saw Chihuly at Phipps (in Pittsburgh), as stunning of a show as I expected, so if you have a chance to see it before it closes Feb. 24, do so! img_5509.jpg I ate more variations of pizza than I can count in the span of a few days.  No really, I kid you not, I ate 3 variations alone within my first 24 hours of Pittsburgh–pizza rolls, bagel bites, Eddie’s pizza–and then I vowed to not eat pizza again during the holidays, but failed.img_5461.jpgNot wanting to let this post end with excessive pizza-consuming, I will share a finished project from right before the holidays: custom cupcakes for a co-worker of Ian’s, who wanted them for a cupcake-loving and -making friend. Those are blueberries and a raspberry on the right!