It came to my attention, only a few years back, the stark truth about autumn and the changing color of leaves: they are dying! Waaaaaah. Less sunlight, shorter days, colder temperatures all mean that trees can’t do their photosynthesizing thing.

Sure, the leaves look beautiful when they change from green to yellow, orange and red, but it’s a little sad to me that the season is saying “You’re done!” And then, of course, they all inevitably turn to brown. Crunch crunch, they will either be piled into garbage bags or trampled over by the feet of children, or eventually, snow.

Which brings us to my crochet leaves of course! Orange and yellow are pretty happy because everyone loves them! Brown is a bit sad (frown) because he understands his fate. I think they all look pretty cute though. 🙂 I’m selling plush (stuffed) versions as well as flat applique versions in my Etsy Shop. And the patterns for all of them too!

I have done a few bike rides in search of “real” leaves, but have yet to spontaneously flee the city like I want to, heading upstate, to New England, or even across the river to New Jersey. I’ve been looking at the Fall Foliage Report everyday to check up on Peak colors. If I don’t have time for a road trip, at least I’ll have my yarn buddies to keep me company.