Earth Day at our house was successful in my opinion, and it felt more like Earth Weekend. On Saturday, after a quick trip to the library, Ian and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I had been there about two weeks before, but one of the perks of working at a Botanical Garden was always witnessing the changes that seemingly occurred over night. I used to teach every other day at the one in the Bronx, and I was always amazed at what bloomed, what shriveled, what peaked in a matter of days. If I had an entire week off, I felt like I was returning to a different place, familiar and consistently beautiful, but never homogenous in this way. I loved that.


We read under the trees of the Cherry Esplanade, but they were still in pre-bloom. (Cherry Blossom Festival is this weekend) I didn’t end up taking too many pictures myself, but I really like this one:


Ian took this one of us:


On actual Earth Day, we stuck to our no-electricity rule fairly well. Computers on battery power, no TV, microwave, etc. I ended up using my fan overnight for white noise, because there were so many individual sounds on the street that kept me awake for over an hour. I did try! We kept lights off the whole day, using candles at night for brushing our teeth, etc. Ian spent most of the afternoon in Central Park, and I went on a little walk with Brenda, and then Lianna came over. I let her use my sewing machine, and the needle broke while she was sewing, so I guess that’s karma for going against no-electricity day! I had to do some cooking for the bbq that night, and normally I would food process the ingredients in my “Asian Bean Burgers,” but I hand-mashed everything with my pastry blender, and sometimes just my bare hands.

Usually if I am home, I listen to music, but I had the windows opened and the only sounds were birds and weekend street sounds, which means cars, children, people. It was refreshing to have different “background music” for a change. I don’t even feel like we sacrificed all that much, but we were definitely conscious of what we weren’t using. I thought giving up computer time would be more difficult, but neither of us, even Ian the tech guy, is that attached. Fortunately, people and being outside are more important and more enjoyable.

There’s a pink house on our street, and when we were first walking to this apartment to see it last year, I was hoping the pink house was it! T’was not, but last week there was a pink magnolia tree blooming and the shades of pink were identical.