I have been very busy getting ready for the PlushYou! Exhibition at Schmancy in Seattle. But, I made Labor Day weekend a full-blown craft-out! I had so much to catch up on, including a headband and bracelet/cuff pattern I have been working on, on and off, for quite a long while now. I am selling the headband pattern in my Etsy Shop and posting the cuff pattern here! The yarn I used for the cuff is currently my favorite right now, a crinkly 55% acrylic 45% wool blend.





Cuff pattern:

You will need two colors of yarn, the main color and the border color, and an F hook.

With main color, make 3 squares in the following way:
Round 1: ch 8 and join with a sl st. Ch 4, 3tr into the ring, *ch 5, 4 tr into ring, repeat from * twice more, ch 5, join with a sl st to 4th of the first ch 4. Finish off.

When you have three separate squares, you are ready to join them with the border color.

(1) Place wrong sides together of two squares (right sides facing outwards). Working into the inner loop of the square closest to you and the outer loop of the square furthest from you, sc along one side.

(2) When you reach the top, working to the left, sc into the inner loop across (you’re now only working into one square). Stop before you hit the open corner.

(3) Repeat (1)

(4) When you reach the bottom row, sc into each inner loop across, always working from right to left when it is facing you. Join.

This should frame one square.

(5) Without finishing off, sc into each inner loop across the bottom of this next square.

(6) Repeat (1) and (2), joining together with the square to form the cuff and NOT stopping when you hit the open square. Proceed to sc into the loops and join with square. Finish off.

(7) Join the border color at the top right corner of the square not completed. Sc into each inner loop along top row. Join this square with the adjacent square. Finish off.

(8) Join the border color at the bottom corner and repeat (4). Finish off.