I have been a long time baseball fan, even if the team I grew up rooting for is the poorly playing Pittsburgh Pirates. I also played softball, as a pitcher, for over ten years, and I was known by most of my team members and family to retain a serious face for the duration of the game, on and off the field. I had a lot of fun playing and I was very close to my team members in high school, but the pitcher always seems to be the most serious and steadfast of the bunch. I’ve got a hefty collection of stories from those days, but onto matters of the present:

Beer cozies! Last Christmas, I knitted a beer cozy for Ian in the Steelers’ colors. Since Pittsburgh teams always have the same colors, black and gold, it’s a versatile beer cozy!


Since I made that one, I’ve been meaning to design a crochet version, since I’m more partial to crochet these days (faster and easier to work in the round). I’ve also been meaning to enter the Stitch N’ Pitch contest, a contest for baseball-themed needlearts (knit, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery, and cross-stitch) that I saw on Craft.

CRAFT Magazine's Stitch N' Pitch Contest

You can choose to make something based (pun!) on general baseball themes, or something that refers to a particular baseball team. My idea was a crochet baseball beer cozy (first image). The white is crocheted in a ridge stitch, and I hand embroidered the red stitching with a silky yarn. As a sidenote, Stitch N’ Pitch is a really cool idea itself: needlearts and baseball fans go to games all summer and sit in the stands working on their wares. They’re going to a Pirates’ game in July! While I like the concept, I usually watch a live game with intensity, so I probably wouldn’t do any crochet, but who knows, maybe my crochet skills will get so impressive that I won’t need to look at my crochet while doing it.

I’m going to write up a pattern of the baseball beer cozy for my Etsy shop, but meanwhile here are some more pictures: