I have been doing a lot of things/visiting a lot of places that have long been on to-do/to-visit lists, either on paper, in a text file somewhere or just floating around in my mind. Here is an August smattering of such things:

I went to Westport, Connecticut for a long weekend, where my aunts from Pittsburgh were house/pet-sitting for my grandma’s cousin, Alberta Cifolelli, who is a painter and whose Chelsea show(!) I had just seen. You get all that? While there, we: did a lot of egret watching, visited the Stepping Stones Museum (see pic with Safety Cone and Safety Barrel), went to a beach state park, ate hot dogs at one of Martha’s faves and went on a tour of the Philip Johnson’s Glass House (no pics allowed!).


Side note: in college I learned about the Glass House in architecture class, so when on a CT trip with my parents back then, armed with just the town’s name (New Canaan), I decided that “we’ll just find it.” Well, we didn’t find it, because my “we’ll just find it” directions that I so often rely on failed (and do so about 90% of the time to my surprise). I saw the little dot on the map in my head and didn’t think beyond reaching that little dot in real life. Hey, I’m here! Okay, wait, where’s the Glass House? Yeah.



I biked up to The Cloisters, a branch of the Met “devoted to the art and architecture of Medieval Europe,” and which has been on my list for a good 10 years now. A difficult uphill ride, as Manhattan’s terrain at the top western part is steep and tricky, but you’re rewarded at the tippity top with The Cloisters in beautiful Fort Tyron Park, overlooking the Hudson River and across from New Jersey’s Palisades. Really stunning, and this is easily now one of my favorite places in New York, but I think I have to always get here via bike along the Hudson River Greenway, and on a sunny day at that. Kind of a magical combination.



I worked on a fun custom crochet custom order for my blogger/writer/performer friend Chelsea, whose band Eleanor is going on tour out west. They are going through a band/website overhaul, but check ’em out on Myspace. Her crochet request? A Ukulele and Eleanor the tour van. The latter is one of these older vans in dark orange and white:


Though excited by the challenge, I reacted in the same way I do to the daunting task of reading a 600-page book–what if I can’t do it?! Fortunately, crochet pattern-designing has become like haircutting to me it–I just get it for some reason. Behold, baby uke and baby Eleanor:


Here are baby uke and baby Eleanor on the dash, en route from Denver to New Mexico:

chelsea Image courtesy of Chelsea

Speaking of crochet (there’s no order whatsoever to this post’s contents, by the way), I have come up with a few new designs of my own. Frowny DEflated balloons and Smiley INflated balloons:


A lobster, which is much bigger than the things I usually come up with:


And thanks to my friend, Sarah, who came back from China with a tiny 1-inch tall plush fabric owl and wanted to recreate it, I got to do some non-crochet craft–sewing! She came up with a basic pattern and made some wee wee little ones, I made a bigger pattern based on hers and made some bigger ones, and we are now both obsessed. Wouldn’t you be?



Lastly, I got to attend one of Brooklyn’s infamous Dumpster Pool Parties, due to a strange domino effect of writing, cocktail-partying and meeting people. But not only did I score a coveted invite, I got to participate full force, by way of crochet goodies for the GIGANTIC pinata and ocean-themed cupcakes. And I got to help fill said pinata with these 4 rad people behind the party. (How cute are Chanel‘s cube crafts?!)

3844985131_8a46a47e96 Image courtesy of Sarah


More Dumpster Pool Party pics here and here AND here. Whew.

Stay tuned for very very VERY exciting crafty news from yours truly…