Although I may have a human Valentine, my heart is a little sad this year to no longer be living in Brooklyn. So, I made a Valentine for Brooklyn, so he knows that my absence in the flesh does not imply an absence in the heart. I made the above card from folding a piece of pink cardstock in half and attaching first a brown felt heart and then a red corduroy heart (cut out free hand) with craft glue, all supplies I had lying around. Simple, easy, attractive. Read my message below:


Dear Brooklyn,

My heart has been broken since we parted ways in December. Manhattan is pleasant and charming enough, but it doesn’t come close to what you and I had–not even the new and adventurous can compare to 4 wonderful years together, Brooklyn.

I miss every inch of you. The timing isn’t right–we’re both in different places–but I’m hoping that one day, you’ll take me back with open arms.

I love you, always and forever.

-Alicia K.