I feel as if fall is going to pass me up this year because of its slow approach and summer’s reluctant exit. It has been in the 80’s for the past few days, and HUMID, but as seen on a bike ride the other day, the leaves are beginning to change and next weekend boasts highs in the 60’s. I took Ian to Prospect Park South, the Brooklyn neighborhood full of big Victorian houses, one of which we saw in the NYTimes Real Estate section with a 2.5 million price tag. (8 bedrooms! 6 fireplaces! 5 bathrooms! Wrap-around porch!) Anyway, biking through that neighborhood always reminds of me of when I lived in New England and then I start missing the fall there, even though it is really winter 8 month out of the year there and fall is even more fleeting.


Determined to add some “fall” to our living room, in addition to buying gourds, I crafted up some crochet gourds, based on those I bought from the farmer’s market and other pictures. I was pretty happy with how they turned out, with few mistakes or re-writes. These are up for sale on Etsy, the physical gourds as well as the patterns.




After a long hiatus (again!), I held Crafts and Crumbs this past weekend at my house. It was nice to reconnect, hang with a bunch of girls, chat, eat, and craft. We had knitters, crocheters, Kristen of star76, and what I affectionately referred to as “The T-shirt Brigade”: Marla, Beth, and Anna, equipped with Goodwill t-shirts and the book Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt. Marla schlepped her sewing machine (well, via car) over here, and I got mine out as well so that they could have two thread colors going. I was so impressed by what they made! It got me thinking about my Steelers t-shirt that reads “City of Champions” and what I could do with it, since it’s very much a T-SHIRT, i.e., on the big, baggy side. I will have to get pictures of their masterpieces, but I can see t-shirt reconstruction becoming a good Crafts and Crumbs mainstay. Welcome back Crafts and Crumbs!