This past weekend I helped out at DIY Design Day with my pals at BurdaStyle and STC Craft. It was held at a place I had long been curious about, the revolving storefront that is 303 Grand in Williamsburg. And how excited was I to learn that the trek from the subway there would take me past 662 Driggs Avenue, where the author Henry Miller himself grew up (FYI, he hated Williamsburg and hated New York City). When something crafty intersects with something literary, it’s a good day.

A few weeks back during a planning session at Sweet Ups, someone had asked if I could design a dog bone, as part of the proceeds from the event were going towards BARC, a no-kill animal shelter right there in Williamsburg. Never one to say no to a crochet design challenge (don’t hold me to that), I came up with the above. At the end of this post, click on More for the freeeeee pattern. But before that, take a look at what I made at the event:

We made potato stamps, inspired by those of author Heather Ross, who stopped by. Safety Cone and I are excited to take some detailed Field Notes about…well…we’re not sure yet, but they will be detailed and thorough.


And some felt coffee cozy-making per the instructions of Kata Golda…remember when the Safety Cones met her mice and cat finger puppets? A Safety Cone cozy seemed appropriate.


I didn’t get to finish the above, but I think you see where it’s going. Next up, from some of the same planners of DIY Design, including myself, plus Etsy, Spacecraft, and a bunch of great sponsors and judges comes the 1st Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off this coming Sunday. Time to get out your rolling pins, aprons and best pie recipe using at least one local ingredient and a homemade crust. If eating is more your forte, we’ll hook you up as well. Conflict of interest or not, I’m entering!

(Click below for the crochet bone pattern!)



G hook
white worsted weight yarn
two bead eyes and thread
fiberfil stuffing


*With G hook and white yarn, ch 2.
Make 6sc in 2nd ch from hook.
2sc in each. (12)
Sc for 2 rounds.*
Slip to next sc and finish off.
Repeat between * * and join with first piece as shown below.


Sc two sc’s from each round piece together.
{Then sc around each round piece, making one decrease on each one, and additionally making one decrease where they are joined.}
Repeat between { } twice.
Sc for one round.


Sc for approximately 7 rounds or until the entire bone thus far is just shy of 4 inches. Sl to next sc and finish off.

Repeat between * *.
Sc two sc’s from each round piece together.
Repeat between { } three times.
Sc for one round.

Sl to next sc and finish off, leaving a 10-inch tail.
Using picture for guidance, sew on eyes and a mouth on the first bone piece, placing the first eye close to the end of the bone towards the opening, and the next day about 3sc to the left. Stuff both pieces and sew together using needle and 10-inch tail, stuffing before you close it up.