Safety Cone is used to making new friends, as he is quite the friend magnet (hmm Safety Cone magnets hmm), but he’s not used to being personally requested by a book publisher to meet some special felt friends and be ready for a mini-photo shoot with them. We would need Safety Cone back-up, safety in numbers! Just like when they line our Tribeca neighborhood with SO MANY cones for filming purposes. There could be frequent costume changes, and therefore all hat options would have to be explored. And even though Safety Cones in their natural environment endure a certain amount of dirt and grime, bath time was an absolute necessity. I mean, it’s not every day one gets to meet Kata Golda’s hand-sewn creations.

Here are the Safety Cones, taking some felt mice and cats on what I’m assuming is their first Safety Cone Adventure, on and around West 18th Street:

Balancing Act!


Clever little finger puppet mouse finds somewhere to burrow and Safety Cone finds a new hat


“Yeeeeah, so this is kind of what we do, little mice and cats. We stand watch here, blocking off pedestrians from this under-construction zone. Yep, smile, you’ve got the right idea!”


The felt and Safety Cone friends wear many hats: “Hey, you guys have ears! You should wear our ear flap hats! We Safety Cones don’t actually have ears, but we love ear flap hats nonetheless


Okay, let’s get back to reading and planning which one of Kata Golda’s felt projects to try! Oh whaddya know, I think the Safety Cones want to make some felt mice and cats, since they had to say reluctant good-byes to the ones above


Kata Golda’s whimsical sewing projects are all of fairly small size, so you can whip these up by hand in no time. Add some fun little creatures in the felt form of mice and rabbits to your stuffed stash, make journal covers and terra cotta pot cozies. Wanna buy this book? The Safety Cones give it a big stamp of approval (looks like a little orange square actually, in case you were wondering). Twenty-five projects, all with beautifully illustrated instructions.

Check out the cute stop-motion video below if you need further cuteness convincing. Want a chance to win Kata Golda’s book? Just leave a comment about the video by clicking on this here link.