The Plush You! show opened recently and blog posts with pictures have been popping up here and there. After reading a few of them, I didn’t see my little crochet buddies, but it was amazing and inspiring to see all the other plushie items. Adorn Magazine did a nice little write-up, Kristen Rask of Plush You! talked about the success of the show, as well as info about the 2008 Plush You! show, and lastly, Mai Le has a flickr set from the show. Excitedly, it was there that I caught a glimpse of my buddies:


[Image via Flickr/Mai Le]

Can you find 2 (out of 3…aw oh, where’s their sister Pink?”) oysters, 1 ice cream cone, and 1 s’more (or the top at least). I’m a wee bit sad I haven’t seen any clearer pictures of them, but they are quite small and were probably fairly shy around all the big plushies and big plushie names. 🙂 Apparently, the s’more and ice cream cone sold, but regardless, it’s such an honor to be involved in a show like Plush You!, when I still feel like a beginniner in the DIY/craft/design world. It’s only appropriate that I make simple, little things for now.


And speaking of little things (!), I got an order for 3 sets of candy corn/ghost finger puppets, which I list as adult/big kid size, with the possibility of making them for much smaller fingers. These sets were for a class of 2-year olds (hence, the french-knotted yarn eyes), for their Halloween treat bags! How I would love to see a classroom full of 2-year olds wearing my finger puppets!