“A Safety Cone a Day” may have gone on hiatus here on the bloggy blog, but rest assure, he’s still bouncing around daily on his square base. Have you checked out his recent adventures? Lately his friends and admirers have been inquiring, “Snow-Proof Safety Cone, whatever will you do when it isn’t ear flaps hat weather?” This question makes him melancholy, because to him the ear flaps hat is not just seasonal attire, it’s a part of who he is, a component of his very identity. My attempts at exciting him with possibilities of yellow rain hats and summery visors have fallen on deaf ears.

Fortunately, Snow-Proof Safety Cone does not have to deal with the seasonal attire conundrum just yet. Because today, March 2, is a snow day in New York and there are ear flap hats a-plenty! Perhaps today is the day to hold a “If you are wearing an ear flaps hat, have your picture taken with Snow-Proof Safety Cone” event? Regardless, he’s unbelievably excited, which as you may or may not know, means he stands upside-down in things. Here he is, staring out of the office window at the intersection of West Broadway and White Street, watching the White Stuff come down.