Yep, that’s right: Safety Cone, Pi and Black and White Cookie will all be attending the Plush You! show in October. Wait, did I say attending? They are actually IN it! So proud of my little ones. 🙂 The Plush You! show is an annual show in Seattle, where chosen plush are shown gallery-style in a few venues around the city. My plush will be at Blue Bottle Art Gallery, with the opening happening the night of Friday, October 9th and the show lasting for about a month.


Each plush artist was subsequently interviewed after getting accepted, and today marks the day of my interview going live. Can you tell they “interviewed” us a while ago? Berry pie-making and biking were on my mind. 🙂


Closer to home, actually just down the block, Safety Cone Adventures was quite the success. Not only did friends come out for Park(ing) Day, but I met a whole slew of my “neighbors,” a lot of whom are artists doing fascinating work. Not to mention, many families with young children. (I have so many stories and “to be continued” interactions/follow-ups!) The cutest moment of all (but where I fumbled with the camera and failed to get a shot) was a toddler who affectionately clutched one of the origami Safety Cones to his chest, looking at it and smiling. I watched him walk down the street with it, then looking back at the Safety Cone table and trying to come back, and holding onto his Safety Cone as he disappeared around the corner of West Broadway and Walker Street. Oh. My. Goodness. Pictures here.


Oh and guess what, I made a new friend in the process. Check ‘er out learning how to make a crochet Safety Cone. She was totally new to crochet, but is a complete Safety Cone and crochet convert. Her facebook status update at 9am the morning of Park(ing) Day was: “NYC Park(ing) Day. I’m on my way to crochet a safety cone before work/school.” Girl was on a mission. Love it!