Lynne Barr’s Reversible Knitting was recently published by STC Craft, and it’s one of the most impressive pattern books I’ve seen to date. Lynne has designed 50 brand-new stitch patterns, and these aren’t just simple arrangements of knit and purl stitches that you’ve seen before. They’re original techniques and patterns and take into account the knitter’s desire to not really have a “wrong” side of a finished garment that shouldn’t be looked at. She takes 3-D knitting to the next level (!) and then some, even creating a whole series of “faux crochet” patterns. Relatedly, I’m always intrigued by the “faux knitting” (usually ribbing) patterns I see in my crochet books, just because it feels like this playful joke among fiber artists: “You thought I knitted this! Psych, it’s crochet! Muwahahahaha.”


In addition to patterns that you can tailor to garments of your choosing, there are also projects like some adorable double-wrap stockings and a geometric dress that should be in every knitting math teacher’s wardrobe. Stockings belong to that material realm of, “Wait, you can make those?” for me. Like shoes and pea coats and swim suits, I forget that, yes of course one could make those if possessing the knowledge to do so. If I can tear myself away from crocheting, hopefully soon I will be happily saying, “I made them,” when someone asks me where I bought my tights.

I decided to try my hand at “faux crochet bobbles,” bobbles being one of my favorite crochet patterns and crochet words to say out loud. Bobble! Bobble! Bobble! I’m done. It’s so strange to use knitting needles like they are crochet hooks. It feels like…cheating! And while I could have crocheted a very similarly looking pattern and made 20 rows in the time it took me to knit the 3 that you see here, it made me reflect on what Lynne says in the introduction: “It may be human nature to play to one’s strengths, but I find that working through a weakness or facing an obstacle often sparks my creative development.” Well-said, and quite a life lesson that can be found amidst all of these rows of interweaving yarn.

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