Battling a cold and fatigue, and hence, Frowny S’more makes an appearance. (maybe I should crochet a tissue box cozy?)
Just a few links of note today:


My crochet cuff podcast is on Craft! I also have the pattern on my blog here, but Ian put it in a beautifully-designed pdf and, that way, you can download it to your computer. Send me any links to photos if you make it!


I have been familiarizing myself with Instructables lately, as I wrote about in my last entry, and I recently wrote another how-to on making “knob cozies” for an Ikea dresser.


Finally, if you are in Seattle next month, the annual Plush You! Exhibition opens on October 12 and runs for a month! I will have 3 items in the show: Frowny S’more, the ice cream cone, and 3 oysters.