Last weekend, I set out to design something for “Easter/spring”, as it states on my weekend to-do list. Looking around the apartment, I have noticed a plethora of…PEEPS! Not just the chick variety, but the bunnies as well in marshmallow, stuffed, illustrated, and plastic forms. A few weeks ago, my parents sent me the new green marshmallow peeps, and then a week or so later, my friends Lisa and Elena did the same. They also made a card illustrating the poor peeps inside a microwave, a favorite pastime of mine in college. There is a flickr pool called The Peeps-tastic! that I will be submitting some photos to shortly.

It frightens me slightly that when I search for “peeps” “microwave” and “experiment” on Google that there are 127,000 hits. They even have a Wikipedia entry! No surprise there, I guess. The official website is pretty cute as well, and I feel honored to know that a college friend’s friend will inherit the Peeps company, Just Born. I am so close to the Peeps heiress! Their site has some more “friendly” things you can do with Peeps, like make a topiary or dip them in chocolate. Hmm…blowing them up in the microwave or killing them in a variety of ways is probably more fun.

Anyway, I decided to design a bunny, since the chick is more 3-D than the bunny and therefore more difficult for my only 3 month old experience with crochet. Perhaps I’ll save that attempt for next year. I actually figured out the design after a few tries of different crochet stitches, and I’m really happy with how they turned out. At first, the little guys were orphans, but I made them a giant bunny parental figure. I added in some “real” green peep chicks to diversify the group:



I am selling these in my Etsy store in the form of stuffed softies and pins or magnets. I also sell my original patterns for the whole family. Hopefully the real Peeps family won’t come knockin’ to tell me I’m stealing their precious marshmallow confection idea; I will have to call up my friend of the Peeps family and seek help! They couldn’t arrest a Peeps lover, could they???