…I have no pertinent simile, as my English major-ness is failing me this morning. Basically, I crochet oysters, think they are really cute, and am really sad when they sell. I’ve been making the blue version as part of my Sea Creatures on Etsy, but when my dad ordered some a few weeks ago, I didn’t have the darker blue yarn anymore, so I improvised with a pink combination (after approval from him).

Last week, a fellow Etsier wanted to trade for two orders of my sea creatures, which she plans to integrate with an oceans lesson for her preschoolers. The thought of preschoolers playing with my sea creatures makes me smile from ear to ear. I asked her to send pictures!!! So, since I was crocheting up a little ocean of sea creatures, I decided to add a purple oyster to the bunch and sell the three colors as a group. Each one has a little pearl bead sewn inside and two black bead(y) eyes.


A few days after listing all three, they sold! I have such ambivalent feelings about sales, as I never want to part with any of my items. Most I can replicate, but there is a little pain in my heart each time I pack up a frowny marshmallow, a cute oyster, or even an iPod cozy. I try not to think about them sitting in a big USPS bag or waiting on the front porch of someone’s house all day. I DO try to imagine the faces of the buyers when they rip open the package, however.


As part of the trade, one of the items I got was a “Lower Digestive System pin” made from a 1960’s vintage illustration. Well…I have quite a lot of ambivalence regarding that part of my body, but I will try to rock out with this pin as much as possible. It motivates me to get started on my crochet colon + colon info booklet, which I will try to pitch to CCFA at some point. I found a seller on ebay named foldedpigs, who I met years ago in Maine, at an arts center when I was doing my babysitting/ceramics gigs every summer. She makes brain cups, heart plates, severed pigs feet bowls, etc. I asked her about some colon-inspired items, which she said she had actually been recently considering.

Next up, a frowny fried egg…or rather a sunny-side up egg, who isn’t keeping on the sunny side at all. Sorry Johnny.