Some old designs, first: my football beer cozies, baseball beer cozies, and rainbows are off to Youngblood Gallery & Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be my 2nd gallery experience, although this time around, they are not part of a show, but taking up residence in the boutique part of the venue. Exciting!

Some more old designs, but slightly modified: my clementines are going to the beautiful vintage baby site, The Baby Gardner. But, to make these more baby-friendly and baby-happy, they will have French Knotted yarn eyes (instead of beads) and little bells inside. Yep, they are adorable clementine rattles!

And now for some brand-spankin’ new designs! The saddest item I’ve ever seen on a restaurant menu is “sauteed baby octopus,” and even though I do eat fish, the image of a tiny octopus on a plate can only evoke melancholy in me. So, as a tribute to these cute little creatures, my very own baby (blue) octopus:

Finally, a little green frog that reminds me of a cactus-meets-alien-meets frog. Both the frog and the octopus are made from organic cotton, a super soft yarn, from Lion Brand that comes in really nice, muted colors.