Safety Cone pep talk. Hey, they may be “public figures,” but my crochet versions are a little on the shy side!

As I already mentioned, Park(ing) Day was fantastic, and in the short time since, there are a few crochet developments to note:

-I wrote a little synopsis of the day for Tribeca Citizen, a great neighborhood blog.

-If you know German, you can read one of my Park(ing) Day visitor’s blog post about Safety Cone Adventures. I have a feeling something was lost in translation with this Google Translator version.


-I made The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck dudes a crochet Choinkwich, because I felt like it. 🙂 Well, also because I love those guys and I love self-directed crochet homework assignments. My first crocheted AND [cable] knitted item!

Lastly, because of Park(ing) Day and ensuing connections, I was asked to be part of an upcoming (er, starts tomorrow) group art exhibition entitled, “How To Enjoy Traffic Cones.” !!!!!! Erik Sanner is a multi-media artist and the organizer of the show. Check out the press release for more info. In short, the show is up from this Wednesday-Sunday (9/30-10/4) here in New York City at one of the Chashama spaces and there are a few corresponding events: opening reception, artist talk and traffic cone viewing tour.

In addition to my piece in the show, I think I’ll be handing out my Safety Cone cookies at the reception. Think of it as an edible performance art piece. 🙂