As a follow-up to my last post, here are some additional links for the my little crochet world travelers.

You can watch the clip from the SF show, View from the Bay to see my baseball cozy in action…well, it’s comfortably holding a beer bottle. I got really excited watching it with Ian, as if my very own child just made their TV debut! “There he is!” I said! Also, take a look at Natalie’s Flickr Set for more close-up pictures of all the Stitch n’ Pitch items featured on the show.

And now for those who are going even further away, to London!



I was able to finish the bulk of the crochet items going to Superette, a store in London, while in the Outer Banks. Who gets to make the trip overseas: 8 strawberries, 6 strawberry ice cream cones, and 1 punnet. Exsqueeze me? (If you get that reference, you rock!) If you click on the link, you will learn that that is the British/Austrailian word for container of fruit. I had creative freedom with the punnet, and wish I had more time to experiment with forms, but the 2nd and last part of the shipment really had to go out today!


The strawberries and three ice cream cones were rather sad they had to depart from unknown territory (Corolla, NC) and travel without having said good-bye to all their crochet friends here at home, in New York. Especially when there is a possibility that they will be sold and given a new home in London or some other far-off land. I wish I had kept the first strawberry I designed, the one that got the “Ok!” from Leona at Superette. I never sell the first crochet items of any of my designs, because they are too near and dear to my yarn-lovin’ heart. I’ve said before that I always get a little sad when I sell something because all these little ones are my babies and I can’t be sure their new home will be as friendly. 🙁 I hope I’m not too overprotective of a mom someday…


The last three ice cream cones and punnet DID get to leave from New York, so they got together with fellow crochet buddies before their grand send-off! Some of them were frowny and sad because they will surely miss the new additions to their ever-growing crochet family, but some were happy at the new opportunity: to be seen in a storefront window by passersby!!! They might make it big time. Little frowny balloon was especially melancholy and even tried to sneak in with ice cream cone #4 and punnet.


But, it was time to say good-bye to the little world travelers, as London awaits. The travelers are excited to reunite with strawberries #1-8 and ice cream cones #1-3, but I’ve had to keep reassuring them that no one on the planet eats crochet food, so have no worries. Punnet is especially thrilled to arrive in the country whose people actually understand what he is. “Americans,” he kept saying with a sigh. Hmm, what are we forgetting? Waterproof bag? Check! Oh, passport!!! (The peas remembered that one!)