Lemon and Clementine have been begging for a third citrus buddy in the form of a lime, but these crochet fingers just never got around to it. That is, until someone requested one as part of a large Etsy order, and thus, Little Lime was created, quick to debunk the saying that “three’s a crowd.” Three is very clearly a citrus party and nothing less. Click on Read More at the end of this post for the FREE pattern.


For those of you in New York, you know that the food-truck movement is in full force: cupcakes, tacos, cookies, pizza, Belgian waffles, dumplings, in addition to the ice cream truck variety most peeps, here and elsewhere, are used to. There’s even an awards event surrounding the vendors, aptly called The Vendy Awards. Back to ice cream, though. This summer, a Mister Softee truck got a bit more colorful–it’s theThe Big Gay Ice Cream Truck! Doug Quint, the guy behind it all, has understandably received a lot of press! Ever since I started reading about his venture, I wanted to make him a crochet ice cream cone to resemble the truck logo/rainbow color scheme…just because. I don’t know how to describe it, but he just seemed like a truly awesome person from tweets/posts/interviews, and one who would get a kick out of a surprise crochet ice cream cone delivery.

I biked it up there on Monday, smiling and saying, “I have something for you!” (I ordered ice cream too, of course). Read this blog post for his reaction, and take note of the comments–I think that’s my first marriage proposal from a gay ice cream truck vendor. Wait, let me check my list…yep, definitely my first. 🙂

Little Lime



Lime green worsted weight yarn
G hook
small black beads and black embroidery thread


With G hook and yarn, ch 2 and make 4sc in 2nd ch from hook.
Sc for one round. (4sc)
Make 2sc in each sc around. (8sc)
Make 2sc in first sc, sc in second sc. Continue like this (2sc, sc) around. (12sc)
(2sc, sc, sc) around. (16sc)
Sc for 3 rounds.
*In next round, (sc, sc, sc, dec) around.* (13 sc) (Note: you will end on a sc)
Repeat between * *. (11sc)


Embroider on face and stuff, and continue to stuff as you go.

(dec, sc, sc) around. (8sc)
(sc, dec) around until 4sc are left.
Sl the next 2 sc, then sl in sc across from where hook is. Finish off.