You know how one day you wake up and a picture of your crocheted smiling pineapple is smack in the middle of a fancy food magazine? Sooooo, yeah. The western Pennsylvania glossy called Table Magazine wrote a little article about yours truly (well, the crocheted food of yours truly) for their spring design issue–you should probably pick up a copy! But here is the clip if you don’t live in the area:

You may or may not know this, but many of the items in my Etsy shop were originally custom requested or commissioned, i.e. someone writes to me and says, “Can you make a ________?” Last year, someone emailed asking if I could design a pineapple plush pattern, as she was a crocheter and couldn’t find one. As I never turn down a crochet challenge, I emphatically said, “yes!” The crochet plush world is not all that expansive in terms of designers, but it still feels special in a silly way when someone comes to me with these requests, some crazier than others.

When I saw the picture in Table, I knew it was one I had taken myself, the backdrop being these weathered wooden steps in our backyard. I had forgotten that this fibered fruit came to life here in Pittsburgh. I looked up the photo in my Flickr stream and also realized that this cute little pineapple photo shoot occurred one day before I landed in the ICU after a summer-long struggle with a ravaging chronic disease. And that could have been my very last creation–going out with a bromeliad bang? I can hear my NYC doctor now, asking why I didn’t come to the hospital sooner and me responding with an amalgam of crochet orders and writing assignments that I decided took precedence over fast-failing health. So in retrospect, it’s ironic that the first line of this article is, “Alicia Kachmar has a killer sense of humor.” You have no idea. 🙂

*good band name?