Many months ago, my sister requested some crochet jellyfish, so about a week before her birthday (June 12), I decided to give it a shot. I will probably put the pattern up here or on Etsy. On my very first try designing one, I came up with the following three:


With this one being my favorite:


Did anyone else ever step on the jellyfish pieces at the beach, on the sand? I always liked the cold squishy feel of them, but of course we were all terrifed of getting stung by one in the ocean, which did happen to my cousin. A few years ago, I saw the jellyfish exhibit at the New York Aquarium with Mia and Romy. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by their fluid and graceful motion, all the while knowing that those same creatures can and do kill people.

But, not my jellyfish!


Rather than recreate one of the jellyfish that lives in the Arctic and measures 7 feet across (7 feet!!!!), I decided to attempt to go smaller and smaller. This little one is about 2.5 inches long, compared to the bigger ones above, which are about four.


In this computer/technology age where it’s all about scaling down even more (remember Will Ferrell talking on a tiny cell phone in that SNL skit?), I thought, I must make it even smaller! Like, sit on my fingertip small. So, I did.




He’s only about an inch high, and I used a small crochet hook(US 7 1.5mm) and embroidery thread. Yes, it was cumbersome and painstaking. But, of course, it was worth it and little jelly, just born today, has already started to explore his environs.

He found water, but not the kind he was looking for:


He wanted to see what his bigger buddy jellies were made from:


Then he felt like channel surfing:


He got hungry, but was a bit disappointed upon tasting spices. Still, the spice rack was fun:


And finally, I taught him how to play hide & seek: