Growing up in Pittsburgh, I have fond memories of going to the annual Applejamm at Beechwood Farms (yes, the “s” is supposed to be there). Pittsburgh is rather small and surrounded by hilly Pennsylvania farmland. Beechwood Farms is just outside the city limits, and about a 20-minute drive from where I lived. What is an Applejamm, you ask?:

Make a scarecrow, find a needle in a haystack, listen to live music, sip apple cider, enjoy candy apples and participate in other crafts, demonstrations and educational activities throughout the grounds.


In addition, I remember eating gingerbread men with raisin eyes, seeing lots of Indian corn scattered throughout, and going on nature trails. It definitely contributed to why fall is my favorite season and how reading this post reminded me that I need to write this one! I appreciate the fact that I grew up in an area where I could see Santas from Around the World in a big skyscraper downtown as well as go to pumpkin farms. I could go to professional sports teams’ games as well as hike the Trillium Trail. I can understand so much better why Pittsburgh is occasionally voted the Most Livable City.


And now this girl from a medium-sized city brings you crochet Indian corn from her little home in a big city. I really wanted to post the pattern before Halloween, but October was crazy and, hey, Indian corn is relevant throughout fall. It’s after the jump!


You will need:
G and J hook
Variety of yarn, including off-white for husk

Notes: I used either a G or J hook, depending on the kind of yarn. I used two strands of yarn in each of these corns. In the thicker corns, I used a regular worsted weight yarn plus a Lion Brand HOMESPUN yarn, in which case I used the J hook. This type of yarn can be difficult to work with, but I love the colors and texture. I also stuff as I go along, because it will get tight towards the end. For the yellow and orange corn with flecks of black, I made one randomly placed black sc as I crocheted each row. Just carry the black through on the inside as you go along. For more info on the exact types of yarn I used, leave a comment! I have all the yarn papers in a pile!


For the cob:

With a G or J hook, ch 2, 4sc, join (if doubling at least one thick yarn, make 5sc instead)
Ch 1 and sc around for 2 rounds (no joining from here on out)
*Make 1 increase and sc for 2 rounds
Repeat 2 more times
Sc for 3 rounds.
Dec once and sc for 1 round.
Dec once and sc for 2 rounds.
Join and finish off. Tuck the end inside.

For the husk:

*With off-white yarn and a G hook, ch 18 and sl (slip stitch) across.
Ch 15 and repeat (always sl stitch to that first ch)*

Repeat between * * until you have 7 separate sl stitched pieces.
Finish off leaving an 8-inch tail.


Insert the husk into the corn cob and sew to the inside of the cob so that your sewing stitches do not show.


I tied some of them up in bunches of 2 or 3 with simple twine. I also had some beige necklace cable/rope in my jewelry-making box that would work too.