ice cream! I’ve been feverishly working on some crochet frozen treats, as summer is suddenly here. These last few days in New York were incredibly hot and humid, and without airconditioning as well as a squirrel who repeatedly breaks through our screens and into our kitchen, I’ve thankfully had these little guys to keep me company. (I must say though, the feel of yarn on your skin in a 90 degree apartment isn’t the greatest!)


I started out making the ice cream cone, which was transformed from a nice looking frozen treat into an adorable smiling cutie-head (I really like him!) all from two beads and an embroidered mouth. Then came an ice cream sandwich, as I mentally voyaged back to the supermarket frozen section that made my mouth water as a kid. Well, it still does, I’m a sucker for Ben&Jerry’s when it’s on sale, and my eyes light up when I hear the ice cream man.


I was much more of a popsicle kid, favoring that box of GoodHumor ones that had root beer, banana, and lime. Mmmm. I’m sure that garners some “yuck”‘s, since those aren’t the universally loved flavors. I still have to attempt making one of those double popsicles, which I always found difficult to eat because one would inevitably separate from the other.


Look at that face!!!


My absolute least favorite ice cream product is the creamsicle, so that above orange one is a regular popsicle just in case you were confused. Haha. 😉 But, I do enjoy a fudgesicle every once and a while, when I can’t decide between ice cream and a popsicle.


I put the patterns up in my Etsy shop, but if I make a twin pop (that sounds wrong, was that what they were called?), I will put the pattern here. I welcome any other summer suggestions!