This is a well-known fact. Especially when a strange sequence of events leads up to something wonderful that you never could have expected. A surprising domino effect, getting from Point A to Point B by means of something that does not resemble a straight line by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve mentioned before that through my Etsy shop and crochet biz, I get a LOT of great stories from customers. Sometimes it’s relating a crochet story, sometimes an inside joke involving one of my items and why it’s meaningful, but regardless, I collect them all in a mailbox folder and read them over and over when I have doubts about my own Point A to Point B story that landed me here in the first place. I have a good craft story of my own to share:


About a month ago, I tagged along with Brooklyn Based to the Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo, in order to sell some of my crochet stuff. And guess who was also swinging by the Flea? Martha Stewart herself! She was doing some filming for an episode on Brooklyn, specifically on the food of Brooklyn, highlighting small purveyors and unique food businesses in the borough. After Martha had left (sniff, sniff, I didn’t get to meet her), the filming crew did come over and I guess they decided to include a shot of yours truly! Well, my hands at least. But not just my hands. My hands crocheting Safety Cone ear flap hats! Watch the video and keep your eyes peeled around 30 seconds in.


While at the Flea, a girl bought one of my owl soaps as a gift for someone for when she returned home to California. A week or so later, I got an Etsy Conversation from the receiver of the owl soap, saying that she loved it and asking where I got my molds from. Well, I only have ONE owl mold, which means, yes, I make every soap one by one. (Let’s not talk about the inefficiency of this, lest I spoil my future book, “How to make the least amount of money in the most amount of time”). I bought it a few years ago at a kitchen store in Brooklyn and have never been able to find another one like it. There’s no company name on the mold and both brick-and-mortar shop and internet browses proved futile. I told her this, but lo and behold, a day later, she sends a link to a kitchen shop online that carries them. 6 for $13! It turns out they are “small cake pans,” which I never would have guessed, but it does make sense. I knew they were baking tins, but I was always searching for “owl mold” or “brioche tin.” How happy was I to welcome 6 new owl molds into my home, just in time for the onslaught of holiday owl soap orders.