I recently put these pictures up on my Flickr page and got so many comments! Positive ones, that is about how hilarious and brilliant these sad marshmallows on sticks were. A month or so ago, I designed a simple crochet marshmallow, on my first try, and made of one those s’more snowmen you see around Xmas time. I have him up on Etsy. For no real reason, I thought that a frowning marshmallow on a stick would be pretty cute, the frown because of the impending burning fire. Originally I used a wire as the stick, but Ian suggested crocheting with brown yarn around it. Good idea! He also suggested putting some extra little twigs on each stick. I made the fire with my elementary school construction paper skills as well as some cardboard from our FreshDirect box.

I have to admit, I’m usually partial to things that smile, not in an overly sweet and always happy way, but just because of sheer cuteness. These marshmallows make me a little sad, and I’ve had one on my desk off and on for the past week and I find myself turning him around sometimes because he looks so sad. Especially up close:


I’m planning on making a set of frowny foods, maybe adding hot dogs (Ian’s idea) or shrimp (my sister’s boyfriend’s idea) to the mix. I guess all foods have a reason to be “sad” as they face (pun!) being eaten, cooked, boiled, or burned. It reminds me of this funny forwarded email one of my high school friends sent out about giving up vegetables, instead of meat, because we shouldn’t be eating HEADS of lettuce, artichoke HEARTS, etc. I will gladly take frowny food suggestions.