The above title was my email subject line upon completion of the mini drum and regulation-size drum sticks seen here, designs requested for a little bloggy/magazine/crafty collaborative fun. (Um, I was *quite* proud of that subject line, maybe more than I was of the designs I came up with). But, you know how I loooooove crochet challenges.

Anyway, Leslie Henkel of Abrams/STC Craft Books did a fun little interview for Tom Tom Magazine, the one and only magazine (online and in print) for female drummers. Do you like niche publications as much as I do? I am no drummer, unless you count the beats I tried to make with the above crochet-with-balsa-wood-inside drumsticks. Nonetheless, check out the interview linked to above and comment HERE, answering the following question, for a chance to win the drum or set of drumsticks:

What is the MOST played song in your iTunes/Media Player/etc.? (Alternately, what record/CD of yours has the most wear and tear?) Leave it in the comments and cross your drum-holding fingers! (They are also in my Etsy shop).

More pics here.