Two of my teacher friends, who commonly find themselves bogged down, needed some fun amidst all of their lesson planning. (Oh my, do I remember those days!) So, I sent both pictures like the one above, cute crochet items I have designed, including Frowny S’more, who understands tough times himself. As you can see, I’ve designed a pumpkin and ghost to add to the Halloween bunch. They are little!



In addition to the cuties on here, I am on “Reader Fixx Thursday” this week! Indie Fixx is a great blog that highlights indie designers, indie blogs, indie items, indie etc.! Jen has a feature every week where she takes submissions from others to highlight their indie favorites. So, I went from a cute angle, since that’s what I’m currently immersed in! Check out my picks! It was fun to seek out all things cute in the name of “research.” Haha.


Lastly, here are the Sunnyside-Up/Fried Eggs before they shipped off to Superette in London.