Last week on a walk, I was asked if I had to choose between crocheting and writing, which would I choose. I like hypothetical questions, but my initial response was, “That’s a terrible question–I could never choose one over the other.” Then I expounded: “Crocheting makes me happier, creating, where I’m trying to go with it. But I would feel lost, so lost, without writing.” “Because it’s your way of expressing yourself?” “Kind of. I’ve never loved writing, but it feels necessary, it’s purging.”

A few days later when I was back at the doctor’s office for the millionth time, I was crocheting bones, which is…almost funny, as I had to ask about bone scans and what not after being sick and taking such destructive drugs for five years now, having to be worried about my bones literally crumbling. My doctor and nurse (a knitter) always go crazy over my crochet stuff, “Did you see what she’s making???,” my doctor yells down the hallway. They always like my work/life updates, even though the more frequent these are, obviously the more often I’m having to be there because I’m sick sick sick. As I was getting ready to leave, my doctor said to me, not in a judgmental way: “You look at the world too emotionally, it puts so much stress on you. You should try covering up one eye” and then he held up his hand to his eye as if to show me how to do it. I laughed and said, “But I’m a woman and a writer among other things–I can’t look at it any other way.” He smiled and said, “I know.”

No sooner was I contemplating the reasons for crocheting and writing than I smashed my right hand in a door and thought I’d have to give up both for a day or two. Luckily, a little ice goes a long way and hypothetical questions asking me to choose between a crochet hook and a pen are just that, hypothetical. Lately, I’ve been joining the two in a happy marriage known as craft writing for a blog called Meylah: I wrote an article on participating in craft-oriented contests and selling in retail/wholesale settings.

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Lastly, after much digital correspondence, Kathleen B., a fellow crafty-head and I decided to import her friends’ Chicago Craft Social to New York. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s what it sounds like, a social crafty event, with 10-15 teacher-led craft/DIY projects over a couple of hours on a Friday night. Think: jar terrariums, crochet lessons (hi!), recycled juice carton wallet, jewelry-making, ipod-cozy sewing, freezer paper stenciling, pinhole camera-making, turning t-shirts into _______, etc. We’re aiming for a late April or early May inaugural Social, and are on the hunt for a venue that can accommodate upwards of 100-150 people. Interested in teaching? Attending? Venue-suggesting? Food/supply-donating? Join the New York Craft Social Facebook group, leave a comment here, or email me.

Drum Contest Update: Congrats to Alisa and Margaret for winning the prized goodies!