Summer is coming, and after finishing the two headscarves for Nancy, I started thinking about other crafty options for headware. Although I am at peace with my hair color, I hate “doing” my hair; I’m a big fan of ponytails, pigtails, and headbands. Or just cutting my hair really short like I used to so that I don’t even have to brush; I could finger comb while running to the subway. Anyway, I decided to take one of my plastic headbands that I rarely wear (they always hurt that spot behind my ears after a day of wearing):


I turned it into this:


G hook
measuring tape

Click below for the tutorial!!!

The headband I used had very few “teeth”, making it easier to slip the crocheted part over top of it later. It measured about 35 cm long (with a measuring tape), 3/4 cm wide.

Ch 62. The number you chain may vary based on your yarn. You will ultimately want the yarn chain to be about 4cm longer than the headband is. In this case, my chain was 39 cm long. Measure it against the headband like this:


Turn, and single crochet all the way across. It will look like this:


Ch 1; now you will single crochet into the free loops opposite from the sc you just made. Here is a picture of me illustrating this, even though it may be hard to see:


After you sc into each free loop, there will be a set of sc on each side, or two rows of “v’s” as I used to call them. It will look like this:


Flip it over so that you can’t see those rows of sc/v’s. The next step is to slip stitch into both sc (each one is across from another one). This one is hard to see clearly, but basically you’re joining each sc to the one across from it, but on that flipped side; at the end, you’ll slip the headband into the little sleeve/opening it makes.

This is the side you will be looking at while doing this:


You have to squeeze the two sides together:


Do this the entire length except for the last two sets of sc. It’ll look twisted, like in this picture, but that won’t matter:


Now it’s time to “thread” the headband through the crochet part. This should be relatively easy to do, but when the teeth get stuck on the yarn, just ease it through as best you can.


When you get to the end, finish off, leaving a 6 inch tail. With a needlepoint needle, sew the last stitches together over top the headband, making sure it’s tucked in. Weave in the yarn. Tada!