Photo 47

Yesterday, a friend of mine by the name of Amit Gupta, aka, entrepreneurial superstar, had his first book published: Photojojo! Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas. Exciting! Amit asked the “contributing gurus” to take photos with the book, all of which so far can be found in the Photojojo! The Book Flickr Pool. Me with my tutorial on making Photo Ornaments:


Pretty cool, right? There are a ton of crafty projects in here I want to try out, including a DIY Snowglobe using one of those sleek Voss water bottles and Photo Cupcakes. Did you know there are companies that sell printed icing using your photos? !!!


Speaking of cupcakes and creative implementation, the friend of a woman I work for is a dancer and choreographer who happens to live a stone’s throw from the [too-]popular Magnolia Bakery in the West Village. Sue Hogan and her Unison Fetish choreographed a dance revolving around the cult obsession for these Magnolia confections, which are credited with kicking off the cupcake frenzy that began years back. Then there was the cupcakes’ special appearance on Sex and the City…. Suffice it to say, the perpetually long line of mostly tourists and the neighborhood’s face changing from mom-and-pop quirk to boutiquey-central doesn’t make residents too happy. It was particularly interesting to attend/discuss with non-New Yorkers, West Village residents, the old and young. You can see it on either of the next two Sundays (9/20 and (9/27) at 3pm and 5pm. 20 minutes long and FREE.


Lastly, (for now–it has been a crazy week) Park(ing) Day is just around the corner, meaning that I am experiencing Safety Cone Adventures overload. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I think I’ve become colorblind to all colors but orange. Check out this article I wrote about a couple of Park(ing) Day spots for Brooklyn Based? And if you are IN New York, by all means, come! Friday, September 18, West Broadway between Walker and Franklin.

Oh, and there may be Safety Cone Bingo. 🙂