Yes, that’s right, winnerS! Because of the great response, I decided to give away 4 cupcakes instead of just 1. Congratulations to Sarah Adamson, Jennifer P., Deidre A., and Sharon G.! You all will be receiving your cupcakes soon! For those of you who didn’t win, I am having a Sale in my Etsy shop from now until Valentine’s Day: 15% off your entire order, on anything (not just V-day stuff!). Just mention my blog or cupcake giveaway and I will revise your invoice! img_6079.jpg

img_6080.jpg               I thought it would be funny to mention that I chose the winners the old-fashioned names-in-a-hat way.  My techy significant other asked how I was going to pick from over 100 names, and I said I was going to write all the names down on a sheet of paper, cut it up, toss them around in a hat, and blindly choose.  Of course he laughs at this, saying that he can write some code or program or whatever on the computer really quickly that will essentially pick names at random. Hmm, not interested! That reminded me of the time we were going to paint differently sized and colored stripes on the wall, and to begin the planning process, I got out paper and a box of crayons and he started “drawing” in some Mac computer program.  Oh. Here are a few more Valentine’s Day items I’ve been creating: conversation hearts!  
img_6043.jpg  img_6048.jpg