You got nominated in the Softies Central Awards!!! Hmm, that didn’t seem to work either. I’m still proud of these little guys, despite their persistent frowning. The Softies Central blog held a softies contest, which actually didn’t feel like a contest at all. It was more like the best flickr pool out there, with countless handmade designs all in the form of “softies.” I was so inspired by what I saw and enjoyed having some extra motivation to make softies. Sponsored by CRAFT, there were 12 categories and 5 nominees chosen by judges from each category. The Frowny marshmallows made the cut, in the food category! And yet, they were still sad. 🙁 Voting is now open to anyone; you can only vote once and you don’t even have to type in your name, email, etc. Vote here. I have a feeling these “schmish schmells” as we call them in our family, aren’t going to be happy if they win or lose though.