As part of my frowny food collection, I have been trying to design a “fried” egg. I know that I could stick a frown on any food, but I like to find foods where a frown is more appropriate. If I personify food, then they would all naturally be sad because someone is probably getting ready to eat them. But, I guess I have more sympathy for the foods that are cooked at high heats, toasted over a flame, or in this case, fried and solidified in a pan. Poor things. 🙁

Saskia gave me a great idea when commenting on my last post: a double-sided egg. One side is a frown, one side is a smile, a sort of mood indicator that she could put on her work desk to warn people what to expect when they approach her. So brilliant! I hearby give you the crocheted sunny side up/fried egg that you can buy in my Etsy shop.

Here are some close-ups: